Redeemer Lutherhan Church

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Wednesday Education Night


Jan 23rd – Feb 27, 2019

5:15 pm – Free Meal

6:00 pm – Class

Youth Group for Jr. High and Sr. High

Lead by Pastor Jason, youth will enjoy fellowship, games, Bible study, songs and laughter.


Pioneer Clubs for 4 years to 5th Grade 

Our various biblically sound club programs integrate spiritual and personal development to help today‚Äôs kids learn to follow Christ in every aspect of life. And our collaborative approach to ministry allows girls and boys to build healthy relationships with friends, caring adults and, most importantly, Jesus. Pioneer Clubs is a participative Bible study, Scripture memory, life skills development and emphasis on relational discipleship and outreach. 


Who am I?

By: Dr. Joel D. Biermann

Facilitated by Ed Breitmeyer

The universe, God’s will, speaking the Christ story, true human fulfillment, God’s Law, the point of it all-these are some of the ideas in Pastor Joel Biermann’s explorative video Bible study. In six sessions, he takes us from the beginning to that place where, on the Last Day, we find our greatest realization as humans.
It’s essentially about us being God’s creatures, redeemed by Christ and restored through faith. Our role is to fulfill God’s place for us within His creation. God’s Law involves the ordering and function of His creation throughout the universe. Our sin perverts our grasp and understanding of God’s will for His creation.
Accepting that God is in charge in all things is
not a popular idea among modern man. God’s purposes will be accomplished and His creatures thrive best when living coherently within His design.
We are all here to do what God put us here to do. Though our vocations are many, church work does not supersede family responsibilities and other necessary obligations. We fit into God’s creation and His scheme of things, not vice versa.
God’s law is good, His will for His people is that they speak the Gospel message and share the life of Jesus Christ with others. Proclamation is paramount, not optional.
The Last Day fulfills God’s will for the earth and its creatures; it doesn’t conclude world history but redeems and restores this planet. The point of our lives is to live as God’s creatures.


Visual Faith:

Facilitated by Laura Bauer

Spend 6 weeks exploring the various mediums of visual faith. Each class will begin with a 15-20 minute devotion and a short lesson on a medium used in visual faith. We will spend the remainder of the class experimenting in our own journal or journaling Bible.

  • Week 1: Colored Pencils
  • Week 2: Lettering Week
  • Week 3: Watercolors Week
  • Week 4: Stamps Week
  • Week 5: Gelatos Week
  • Week 6: Embellishments, stickers and napkins