Redeemer Lutherhan Church

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Redeemer Church Council

The Church Council shall consist of the five Congregation Officers (Section 3.0) the Chairman of each of the Congregation Boards (Section 5.1), the Pastor(s), the DCE, and the Administrative Coordinator. Each member of the Church Council or his designated representative will have one vote. The Pastor(s), the DCE, and the Administrative Coordinator shall serve as non-voting advisory members.

The Church Council shall:

  • Meet at least monthly to review reports from the Congregation Boards and to conduct the business of the congregation.
  • Prepare agendas, reports, and resolutions for presentation to the Voters Assembly.
  • Annually prepare and recommend a congregational budget for presentation to the Voters Assembly.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the congregation’s purpose as stated in Article II of the Constitution.
  • Authorize expenditures in excess of budgeted categories. Such authorizations will be reported at the next Voters Assembly Meeting.
  • Have the authority to remove any officer or board chairman subject to final approval of the Voters’ Assembly for any of the following reasons: persistent adherence to false doctrine, scandalous life, and inability to perform their official duties or willful neglect of them. (ARTICLE VI-E of the Constitution).
Ben Komrska
Brad Burch
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Melissa Barley
Christine Tiesworth
Chris Barley
Financial Secretary
Board of Christian Care
Mike Barley
Head Trustee
Connie Hintsala
Board of Outreach & Missions
Linda Burton
Board of Christian Life
Board of Fellowship
Bob Shoemaker
Administrative Coordinator
Pastor Jason Bauer