Redeemer Lutherhan Church

Praising God, serving neighbors with Christ at the center!

Board of Outreach and Missions

The Board of Outreach “Reaches Out” to the people of our community to invite them to worship with us and join us Sunday School and Bible Study and Fellowship.
We do this in so many ways.

  • Welcoming families into Church every Sunday (Greeters)
  • Loaning to those families with small children the small bags of coloring books and crayons to use during service.
  • Placing well over 100 Posters to various hotels, stores, motels, and other businesses telling and inviting their customers about our church.
  • Holding the Senior Citizen Luncheons at church every 2nd.Tuesday of every month. All seniors in and outside of our church are invited.
  • Posting and updating the red registration booklets at the end of each sanctuary pew so we can get the names of all visitors and (cont.)
  • Write letters of invitation to them all to join us again for worship and come to our Pastors classes to join our church if they are interested.
  • Make up and distribute the Name Tags every first Sunday of each month so visitors can get to know all of us and we can know each other.
  • Update the large sign or signs by the highway in front of our church telling the public to join us and at what day and time.
  • Post a very informative notice of our Church Worship Services in the weekly newspaper “The Insider”. This includes our “Web Site” as well as other very pertinent information.
  • Pass out small crosses, jars of jam and trifolds to visitors desiring to learn more about Redeemer Lutheran Church.
  • Our basic endeavor is to MAKE people outside our Church feel welcome to come IN to learn about our Savior Jesus Christ.
Earl Windnagle
Committee Chair
Gina Windnagle
John Garcia
Judy Garcia
Nancy Green