Redeemer Lutherhan Church

Praising God, serving neighbors with Christ at the center!

Women’s Bible Study

Facilitated by Keri Lindman and Laura Bauer

Our culture encourages independence and self-empowerment. We’re told we have all we need to make it all work, that we can smash our goals and own our own lives. But what happens when we can’t or simply don’t? How can we find rest when nothing goes right or never feels like it is enough?

Let’s learn to live out (and promote) a different posture: leaning. Leaning on Jesus.

Leaning on Jesus invites you to explore what it means to lean on your Redeemer, learn how Jesus’ words show you forgiveness and strength for today, direction for tomorrow, and hope for eternity.

Meet with us on Sundays at 9:15 am.